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Fool That I Am
Capgun Cowboy
3 of 9 lives
Always Something
Going Nowhere
Rhonan's Farwell
What the Dickens
In the New Moonlight Old Enough to Pretend Time Will Only Tell Waltzing wilth Nadine Soca Mariachi
Eye to Eye
Song for My Mother
I Know You by Heart
To the Last Minute



songs in BLUE by Joe Mock

Jozu - Joe Mock -CD

From Calypso music to a jazzy Christmas finale with lots of surprises in styles that go from Country to R&B and everything in between. Recorded under the influence of talented friends on the scene in Maggie's Revenge, Roppongi, Tokyo

Titles: Johnny B. Getting On / The Thai Song / Heart Reaction / Lets Virgin / Harmony / It Takes Two Spirit of the Music / Slow Down Baby / Jimmy Bring the Candles In / Honey Can I Have a Poke /Louie on the Highway / The Light of Christmas

Special guests: Casey Rankin, Victor Wells, Jack Stam, Masa Sumide, Pamella Harris, Yvonne Evans, Lynda Boyd, Hoshi Kazutoshi, Bart Peaslee _ available at

PIED ALIVE - Pied Pumkin -CD

Live recordings from the Spring tour of 1999

Titles:Mixal Lake / Lotus eaters Blues / Lox and Breakdowns / Cuckoo / Orville Goes To The Country / Turning / Black Dog / Lost Soul Man / Pickn' Country / Little Bit A Good / One of the Few Times / War is Over Overture / Oohlahey

PLUCKING deVINE - Pied Pumkin -CD

A selection of titles from the albums Pied Pumkin String Ensemble and Pied Pumkin Allah Mode assembled in celebration of the reunion tour

Titles:I Believe / Kootenay Bark / De Fiddle Medley / You can Change the World / People I Love You / There Twas Her Tam / Bless the Kind Heart / Fear of Flying / You De Do Do / Juggler and the Fawn / Doin' the One Time / Tree /St. Christopher / Mushroom Madrigal ___________________________________________________

The PIED PEAR - Pied Pear - Album

The acoustic duo explores Rock / R&B

Titles:No. 5 Orange / Caught in the Rain / Middle of Nowhere / Mushroom Madrigal / Eliza / Dynamite Band / No.1 Son / Fool for the Blues / Holy Angel


The Mock Duck - Album and CD

- CD and 33rpm Double album (1968)Compilation from two 45 rpm recordings plus studio and live cuts. Available from Gear Fab Records

Titles: Home Made Jam / Ground Hog / Hurt On Me / Sittin' On Top of the World / My Time / Fat Man / Crosscut Saw / Easter Dog / Funky Song /Do Re Mi / Playing Games / Jazz Mock

Musicians: as seen on the cover left to right: Ross Barrett- sax and keyboards, Glen Henrickson - drums, Rick Enns - bass and vocals, Joe Mock - guitar and vocals __________________________________________

String Ensemble - Pied Pumkin - Album

The first album of the group recorded live at Simon Fraser University

Titles: Orville Goes to the Country / Kootnay Bark / I Believe / Medley - Over the Waterfall, Wind That Shakes the Barley, Bonaparts' Retreat / Long and Lonely /Ming 14 / You Can Change The World / People I Love You

Allah Mode - Pied Pumkin - Album

Recorded live at the QE Playhouse and at Pinewood Studios capturing the magic of the first public performance of Fear of Flying and Swings Da Ting.

Titles:Lotus Eaters Blues / Sundial / There Twas Her Tam / Bless The Kind Heart / A Fear of Flying / Swing's Da Ting / The Juggler & The Fawn / Yo De Do Do

The Pear of Pied Pumkin - Pied Pear - Album

Pied Pumkin became Pied Pear and Shari Ulrich lingers as the special guest.

Titles:Doin' The One Time / Olympic Dream Game / Tree / Mt. McKinley / Abraham, Martin and Fabalotus / Salt My Song / Tapioca Pudding / St. Christopher / Dancing When He Did __________________________________________________

Pied Pear Elementary - Pied Pear -Cassette

Live recordings from school performances along with 4 studio cuts.

Titles:Walk Right In / Warm-up / Marty /The Fox / The Billboard Song / Candy Man / Laundry Bags / Ring The Bell / Christmas Message To All My Buddies On Mars A.K.A. Ho Ho Ho / We're Having a Party / Col.Wizz's Counntry Cornflakes

The Lost Squash Tapes -Pied Pumkin -Cassette

Songs from the 70's of a live session in the studio of Doug Edwards

Titles:D'sonoqua / Crystal Clog / It's Only Words / Mr. Phenny Meets Willie The Worm / Oh Lord, Pardon Me / Here Comes My Baby / Zimbimbidi's Blues / Chicken Finger Ramble / Hopi Hum / Canafiddle

Pied Pumkin and Pied Pear recordings are available at

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