songs in BLUE by Joe Mock

 Jozu - Joe Mock -CD

From Calypso music to a jazzy Christmas finale with lots of surprises in styles that go from Country to R&B and everything in between. Recorded under the influence of talented friends on the scene in Maggie's Revenge, Roppongi, Tokyo  

Titles: Johnny B. Getting On / The Thai Song / Heart Reaction / Lets Virgin / Harmony / It Takes Two Spirit of the Music / Slow Down Baby / Jimmy Bring the Candles In / Honey Can I Have a Poke /Louie on the Highway / The Light of Christmas 

Special guests: Casey Rankin, Victor Wells, Jack Stam, Masa Sumide, Pamella Harris, Yvonne Evans, Lynda Boyd, Hoshi Kazutoshi, Bart Peaslee ____________________________________________

PIED ALIVE - Pied Pumkin -CD

Live recordings from the Spring tour of 1999 

Titles: Mixal Lake / Lotus eaters Blues / Lox and Breakdowns / Cuckoo / Orville Goes To The Country / Turning / Black Dog / Lost Soul Man / Pickn' Country / Little Bit A Good / One of the Few Times / War is Over Overture / Oohlahey ________________________________________________

  PLUCKING deVINE - Pied Pumkin -CD

A selection of titles from the albums Pied Pumkin String Ensemble and Pied Pumkin Allah Mode assembled in celebration of the reunion tour

Titles: I Believe / Kootenay Bark / De Fiddle Medley / You can Change the World / People I Love You / There Twas Her Tam / Bless the Kind Heart / Fear of Flying / You De Do Do / Juggler and the Fawn / Doin' the One Time / Tree /St. Christopher / Mushroom Madrigal ___________________________________________________

The PIED PEAR - Pied Pear - Album 

The acoustic duo explores Rock / R&B with a band of friends

TitlesNo. 5 Orange / Caught in the Rain / Middle of Nowhere / Mushroom Madrigal / Eliza / Dynamite Band / No.1 Son / Fool for the Blues / Holy Angel 

The Mock Duck - Album and CD

- CD and 33rpm Double album (1968)Compilation from two 45 rpm recordings plus studio and live cuts. Available from Gear Fab Records

Titles: Home Made Jam / Ground Hog / Hurt On Me / Sittin' On Top of the World / My Time / Fat Man / Crosscut Saw / Easter Dog / Funky Song /Do Re Mi / Playing Games / Jazz Mock

Musicians: as seen on the cover left to right: Ross Barrett- sax and keyboards, Glen Henrickson - drums, Rick Enns - bass and vocals, Joe Mock - guitar and vocals

String Ensemble - Pied Pumkin - Album 

The first album of the group recorded live at Simon Fraser University

Titles: Orville Goes to the Country / Kootnay Bark / I Believe / Medley - Over the Waterfall, Wind That Shakes the Barley, Bonaparts' Retreat / Long and Lonely /Ming 14 / You Can Change The World / People I Love You _____

Allah Mode - Pied Pumkin - Album

Recorded live at the QE Playhouse and at Pinewood Studios capturing the magic of the first public performance of Fear of Flying and Swings Da Ting.

Titles:Lotus Eaters Blues / Sundial / There Twas Her Tam / Bless The Kind Heart / A Fear of Flying / Swing's Da Ting / The Juggler & The Fawn / Yo De Do Do _______________________________________________________

The Pear of Pied Pumkin - Pied Pear - Album

Pied Pumkin became Pied Pear and Shari Ulrich appears as the special guest.

Titles:Doin' The One Time / Olympic Dream Game / Tree / Mt. McKinley / Abraham, Martin and Fabalotus / Salt My Song / Tapioca Pudding / St. Christopher / Dancing When He Did _________________________________

Pied Pear Elementary - Pied Pear -Cassette

Live recordings from school performances along with 4 in the studio.

Titles:Walk Right In / Warm-up / Marty /The Fox / The Billboard Song / Candy Man / Laundry Bags / Ring The Bell / Christmas Message To All My Buddies On Mars A.K.A. Ho Ho Ho / We're Having a Party / Col.Wizz's Counntry Cornflakes ___________________________________________________

The Lost Squash Tapes -Pied Pumkin -Cassette

Songs from the 70's of a live session in the studio of Doug Edwards

Titles:D'sonoqua / Crystal Clog / It's Only Words / Mr. Phenny Meets Willie The Worm / Oh Lord, Pardon Me / Here Comes My Baby / Zimbimbidi's Blues / Chicken Finger Ramble / Hopi Hum / Canafiddle

Pied Pumkin and Pied Pear recordings are available at

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