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Fool that I am
Capgun Cowboy
3 of 9 Lives (aka Kill Me Now)
Always Something
Going Nowhere
What the Dickens
In the New Moonlight
Old Enough to Pretend
Time Will Only Tell

Waltzing with Nadine
Soca Mariachi
Eye to I
Song for My Mother
I know you by Heart
To the Last Minute

Lyrics by Joe Mock
published and copywrited by
Gahndavara Music, Socan Canada


Fool that I am, in these things that I do
Tell my why do I wonder, tell me what can I do
Fool that I am, in this love that I do
Tell me where do I stand beside you?

(B) I can't talk much about it,
It don't make much sense at all
The words just come out crazy
So I'm bouncing off the walls

(C) Am I in your picture? Do I count at all?
Does it even matter, if I ever call?
What would I do with no hope at all?
Of being with you, what would I do?
Where do I stand? Fool that I am

(B2) I wonder how this happened?
How can this be me?
In all the confusion
I can hardly see

(C) If I saw you on the corner, would I have a chance
To be the one to walk you home
Or take you to the dance?
What would I do with no hope at all?
Of being with you, what would I do
Where do I stand? Fool that I am

Capgun Cowboy

I know a cowboy with a capgun, He likes to have his fun
Bang ba ba ba ba, Ba ba ba bang bang Bang all day long
He don’t hurt no one
When capgun cowboy comes out to play
Everybody lives to walk away
High-noon showdown or ballroom fight
He knows how to do it right
He don’t die for no promised land
He don’t spill no blood in the sand
Capgun cowboy is gonna live to be a man

I know a cowgirl, she loves to sing, She sings to have her fun
Yo-del-ee-del-oo-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou, She don’t hurt no one
When cowgirl Katie comes out to play
Even the preacher’s got something to say
Ain’t no one like her when she does her thing
Even the winter thinks that it’s spring
She don’t sing about no war
She don’t care about the score
Cowgirl Katie got everybody shouting for more

Cowboys and cowgirls Dosey-doe-doe,
They dance to have their fun
High kicking two step, boot scootin’ along
They don’t hurt no one
When cowboys by campfires playing guitars
Met up with cowgirls beneath the stars
Once in awhile you hear someone say
Your sweetheart of the rodeo is here to stay
They don’t need to bang the drum
They don’t need to kiss and run
Cowgirls and cowboys, out having fun


Fourteen, standing by the sea in the grace of harmony
My mind is pure and my spirit free
Oh my Lord please deliver me from this state of ecstasy
Is there more that is to be?

Kill me now, Take me now
Is there more I have to live?
What more do I have to give?
But there was better yet to come
To fill the vessel of his drum

Seventeen, high school kid
Prisoned in a boarding school for things he did
The teacher had a temper and he blew his lid
God was cruel and so was man
He slapped him with his praying hand
Guess I’ll never understand

Kill me now, Take me now
Is there more I have to live? What more do I have to give?
But there was better yet to come, to fill the vessel of his drum

Hey Momma! Hey Poppa! who’s that man
playing psychedelic in a long hair band?
Going downtown in a beetle van
You hear him on the radio, you see him on TV
His picture’s in the paper and he looks like me

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord your soul to keep
May you never have to pay for things Eve did on Apple Day
I met Eve and she was bad,
She said I was the worse that she ever had
But it was good and I’m still glad

Kill me now, Take me now
Is there more I have to live? What more do I have to give?
There may be no second chance to find the perfect circumstance
But there was better yet to come
To fill the vessel of his drum

Always Something

Do you want to ride in my rodeo? (4x)
If you want to play harp and join the band
There’s two things you need to understand
If you want to play the harp and join the show
There is just two things you need to know. . .
When to suck and when to blow

I believe in peace, I walk that walk
Peace on earth and Christmas talk
A piece of you and some peace of mind
All we need is a little more time
But everytime I see the score
There’s always something worth fighting for (3x)
Always Something

Let me tell you about a soldier who died for the father land
Tell you about a soldier who died for the promise land
He didn’t have no gun, he had a heavenly plan
Jesus was a soldier who died for the fatherland
Gonna teach everybody how to pray
Turn the other cheek but he could not walk away
Cause everytime he saw the score
There was always something to be dying for (3x)

Always Something

Going NowHere

(Tokyo March 1993)

Going nowhere, doing nothing
Lips are moving, saying something
Sitting somewhere, next to no one
Doing something, feeling nothing

B) See what you’re gonna see, Hear what you’re gonna hear
Say what you’ve gotta say, Jump in my “Get-away”
Do what you wanna do, True now it’s up to you
Be what you wanna be, Take a little piece of me

(C) Drink up, piss it out, pick it up, take it home, Throw the dog a bone
Cough it up, spit it out, tell me what it’s all about
Would you rather be alone?
(Last time) Am I sitting here alone?

I don’t like baseball, On the TV
Watching golf, Does nothing for me
DoI like you? You don’t like me?
Does it matter anyway?
You know better, You’re gonna show them
What a good time, We’ve been having
While we sit here in the background
In the corner with our noise

(repeat B)
Bring the menu, Show me pictures,
Bring the food, It looks different
Get on the wrong train, Go to the wrong place
Get there the wrong time, No one’s waiting


(What the Dickens' is an Irish Pub in Tokyo)

(A) What the Dickens has the Devil done?
In the land of the Rising Sun
Far from the home of Molly Malone
and lips that kiss the Blarney Stone

The last time I was is Tokyo
I didn’t have no place to go
Went to the Dickens for a “what to do”
Had me a Speckled Hen or two
I ate my fill of the cottage pie
“Down they go”, the beer did fly
Met some friends, can’t remember who
“Hey there Ivy! Is that you?”

(B) Come as you are, from near and far,Up to the fourth (4F) and belly to the bar
Drinkin’ in the Dickens,’ What a fright! I lost a whole week there in one night

(Repeat A)
Time went by, I went with the flow,
Had one for me and one to go
Times were good, “BiGosh, BiGore!”
I passed the night there on the floor
If I had a hollar for every dream I drum
I’d raise a ruckus compared to none
But as these pearls rolled of my tongue
They were lost in the Dickens’ of the Rising Sun

(Repeat A,B)
Mary Dunn, Tom Holliday
The Noilly Pratts and Jimmy “A”
Sing to the sound of the “I Wish” band
Roll to the rock of the “Hit Men” Clan
Now here’s me thanks, me best to you
From the bottom of the glass, there’s a ‘pint’ of view
“Hontoni” means I love you, as sure as my brown eyes are blue


I love to go dancing, on a Saturday night
I love my baby holding me tight
We’ve been down the river, we’ve rolled down the road
When the time is right, You gotta go

(B) In the New Moonlight, When the time is right
In the New Moonlight, Pick me up
We’re gonna get it up tonight

Kick up your heels, get ready for more
I’ve got my head in the clouds and my foot to the floor
We sank to the bottom, we rose to the top
When the time is right, We never stop

(repeat B)
Out on the dance floor, the band is playing hot
Shake it up baby, gotta give it all you got
Kick up a two step, show me what you got
We’re gonna make it in “Believe it or Not”


City boy in a country town, comes to sing and mess around
Two weeks here and he’s counting down till he’s on the road again
They looked at him with doubtful eyes
He was a stranger to the prairie skies
He never spent a day on ol’John Deer
He’s got no strawdust in his hair
He sang the ol’ familiar songs about the days gone by
About people long forgotten who gave it their best try
Though somehow he can’t remember when
But he’s old enough to pretend

He drove to town in his daddys’ car, he was singing in the hotel bar
With corn rows braided in his hair by little sisters’ hands
Still he knows a thing or two, he tells it like they used to do
It’s in his blood so once again
It all comes back like way back when
It was no dream when Uncle Gene was riding on the rails
Back in the Great Depression when the crops had failed
Though somehow he can’t remember when
But he’s old enough to pretend

Ponoka is a funny town for riding bulls and breaking ground
Not a place to settle down for a restless wind
His dreams were filled with other nights
When love had passed him by
He sent a love out in the mail but there was no reply
And now he’s thinking of her way back when
He was so in love with her and she was holding him
He may never pass that way again
But he’s old enough to pretend


Slippers in the kitchen, one more lonely night
High heels in the closet, staying home tonight
the dishes need a washing, the clothes are never done
Nothing seems to matter, when he’s out on a run

(B) And her stairway to heaven, is a highway to hell
He’s out on the road again and only time will tell
If he really loves her, he’d call and wish her well
Is this hell or a heaven? Time will only tell

Is he thinking of her? will she ever know?
Does he ever miss her in places that he goes
Does he talk about her, drinking with his friends?
Does he ever long to be in her arms again? (repeat B)

Gazing at the ceiling, restless in the night
“He loves her more? He loves her less?”
With no answer in sight
Is he worth the waiting? or as the time goes by
Will he say down the road,
“There’s no room for you and I"


Have you ever wandered in the land of the lonely
To find that it’s only another lesson in love
Then you know the story, when you climb the stairs
It makes a big difference when somebody’s there

I’ve spent a life of time in lessons of loving
Not so much alone, never far from home
It’s been a life of time never more returning
To find this love burning at the end of the day

I saw her dancing as I sang from the stage
There was no mistaking she was smiling my way
I went to her table and I got her name
She stayed until closing
We walked in the rain

It’s time for one more dance, the loners are leaving
Bottle-up the wine, one more closing time
And as we dance tonight the tables all are turning
No more is there yearning for the love of my life.


On a sunny day,
There is no way that I can stay in side the house and be alone
I need to be
Part of the symphony of life that plays outside my head of stone
So I come out to play
And I greet a brand new day, I say “Together is never alone”
I’ve come to see
It takes two to make harmony
So join with me my guitar and my song

(B) O-Oh! hear it coming, Soka Mariachi
Rastafari Calypso Skiffle Band
O-Oh! can’t do without you, I need to see you
Do the Soca Polka, Come and skake with the band

Somewhere in my head, There is a man named Fred
To analyse and divide right from wrong
He seems to know everything and tells everyone
The place that he believes that they should go

(repeat B)
Someday maybe, you may find yourself in Harmony
Playing in the best of company
What a surprise, as you walk along you hear a song
playing in your head on a sunny day


Eye to eye, One to one,
Here them say, “the time will come”
Why now wait for some day
Here is now my time to say

I to I, One to one
Believe in life, the world as one
Me and My, believe in love
Love, love, love, life is made of

(B) So I say, I play the sun in the sky,
We breathing and be alive
I see the water is wide,
We dance the earth and we fly

Come see the people walking on the avenue
Underneath the sakura tree
Come and join the party under skies of blue
Here is now a good time to be, I say (repeat B)

I to I, Can you see?
Oh how happy we will be
One to one, you and me
Underneather the cherry tree


There’s no one like you
For me there will never be
Anyone, to give so much to me
The life I live
The song I give
Without you
Never would be

There’s no one to do
For me there will never be
Anyone to mean so much to me
The life I live
The song I give
Without you
Never would be

Every now and then
The sound of a voice
A place where we met
Brings me back again
All these memories
To remind me
Without you
They would never be


Walking down the road, a Love life lesson
Many a time we search for direction
If I were to only follow my head,
We might have been lost from the start
Where am I?
How do I get to that happy place
everyone seems to go but me?
Then I found you, and I knew,
I had the clue to help me find a way
to finally say

Because I know you by heart, I never lost my way
Because I know you by heart, I can be here to say
Because I know you by heart

If we were to rely on my memory
We’d be in trouble
If today must be the way it used to be
We’d be in trouble
Where are we?
How in the world do we make this
a better place where we can be
Be the best that we can be
Please help me find a way
to finally say

Because I know you by heart, I never lost my way
Because I know you by heart, I can be here to say
Because I know you by heart


When I hurry and I worry
Sometimes I think I’m going blind
All my days of “come what may”
get lost on the deadline
When I find my peace of mind
You know it’s me that I’ve left behind

Chorus: Don’t leave it to the last minute
Give yourself some time : Don’t leave it to the last
Give it some time

With confusion, an illusion, life has a price to pay
for mistakes we make when the things we play
Blow all the plans away
When I get my chance I say
There must be a better way : Chorus

(by Rick Scott) Rick the Rabbit mocked the turtle
and got him into a race
He was sure that he would win
but he didn’t have his just in case
The story’s told a hundred times
The turtle sang as he crossed the line